Book promotion myths

This piece by  Ruth Ann Nordin makes excellent sense to me

Among other wise things she says So why are we pigeon holing writers? This is what I feel we do with book promotion.  We box writers into believing they must engage in certain activities online in a certain way if they are to be successful.  (Success often means money, of course.  The intrinsic value you bring to a reader’s life or the passion you had as you wrote the story rarely get factored into “success”.)

There are many advisors – Nordin calls them Gurus – out there who base promotion of books on business plans based on commodities like cars or washing powder without considering how different are writers to manufacturers an books to social commodities.

As Ruth Nordin saysThe bottom line is that writers need the freedom and relief of knowing they aren’t failures just because they don’t promote books a certain way.

I feel many independent and self publishers will find reassurance in this article.


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