Damselfly Books  aims to publish the work of two or three selected writers each year. These writers will demonstrate originality, style, and literary verve. We will focus on fresh work which has somehow  been missed by mainstream publishing.

Each month we will also spotlight on this website  other exciting  new work  and work of admired authors.  These books may be published by us or by other publishers. We will cover  aspects of creativity and originality for writers who don’t fall into the rigid  categories of traditional publishing. We will also feature articles about these writers, their writing, and  the role and reality of research for writers. We will  include visual and literary sources.. Damselfly Books  will host an annual writing competition for writing which reflects our values.   


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Damselfly Books  is an imprint of Room to Write Publications

Whether you are a reader or a writer and have  a question, a point of view or an appreciation Damselfly would love to hear from you.