I wrote this on Damselfly a while ago full of good intentions. For a more up-to-date ‘Returning ‘ please hit the tab above named Blog.

Here below is what I said the first time and I still rather ran away :what

‘I am so sorry that Damselfly Books has been rather silent for recent months – this was due to two bouts of illness followed by the constraints of lockdown which have confined many of us from our normal activities.

Now I am back at the Damselfly Desk reviewing what we have here and introducing new elements which might catch your interest.  We will start with the publication of Hugh Cross’s new book, the Bombed House And Other Stories and every week there will be new material about the process of writing and the inspirational nature of seeing those books out there in the public eye. You will find the Damselfly Tribute to Hugh if you click on the Blog tab above,

You may also hit the tabs above, to explore the Damselfly Pages – about private publishing, about my own publications, about the writing process,  about books already published by  Damselfly, and books emerging from this new process.

Whether you are a reader or a writer if you have a query or a related point of view  I would love to hear from you. ‘Wx

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Then – ‘White Silk Tassels’

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Then – The Garden Cure for Writers,


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