Book promotion myths

This piece by  Ruth Ann Nordin makes excellent sense to me

Among other wise things she says So why are we pigeon holing writers? This is what I feel we do with book promotion.  We box writers into believing they must engage in certain activities online in a certain way if they are to be successful.  (Success often means money, of course.  The intrinsic value you bring to a reader’s life or the passion you had as you wrote the story rarely get factored into “success”.)

There are many advisors – Nordin calls them Gurus – out there who base promotion of books on business plans based on commodities like cars or washing powder without considering how different are writers to manufacturers an books to social commodities.

As Ruth Nordin saysThe bottom line is that writers need the freedom and relief of knowing they aren’t failures just because they don’t promote books a certain way.

I feel many independent and self publishers will find reassurance in this article.


The Damselfly Journal

The Damselfly Journal will reflect thoughts and developments at Damselfly Books and the writers who help and support it.

Wendy Robertson writes:

I was inspired by friends to create Damselfly Books through my own earlier experience of mainstream publishing and aflater relishing the creativity and opportunities offered to good writers by independent publishing

After relishing and surviving academic life I became a full-time writer. I have now published twenty-three novels, both historical and contemporary, as well as two short story collections. I still write occasional articles on issues close to her heart.  I also love writing my blog  A Life Twice Tasted

I love living in historic South Durham. My  Victorian house has played a role in more than one of my novels. I love travelling – experiences which have inspired my novels – from Scotland to London, from  Singapore to Colorado Springs, from France  to Ireland. Inevitably these experiences have found significant reflections in many of my books.

I was, for five years on and off, Writer in Residence at HMP Low Newton – a life-changing experience. I learned a lot, helping a  wide range of women to raise their self-esteem and realise their potential through original writing.  That experience is also reflected in my novel   Paulie’s Web

For two years I produced and hosted a local radio show, The Writing Game which featured a wide range of writers and literary discussions.

I have a Master’s degree in in Education which involved deep study into childhood and child development. This has possibly had an influence on my latest novel  The Bad Child

It might just be relevant to say that my M.Ed dissertation was entitled Language and Power. So, becoming a professional writer fits quite well with this! The University invited me to pursue my studies to  PhD level but I chose then to focus entirely on writing realistic fiction.

I have to say that each novel I have written has felt like researching,  studying for and writing a separate PhD in itself. A nice thing.

I am now newly and happily involved with Damselfly Books which adds a fascinating creative dimension to the writing process.


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