Hello to you. Thank you for calling.

I should explain. I came away from Damselfly when I lost my good friend Hugh Cross, whom I had known for much of my life before we became closer, drawn by a mutual love of books, literature and life. You will find more about the erudite, unique Hugh and our fruitful relationship, on my blog here on Damselfly, in a piece entitled Writing Seriously in Older Age. And so it was that published Hugh’s two books entitled Scenes from a Life and The Bombed House and Other Stories. Both of these books are still available on Amazon.

And then I was disheartened when the dear lad passed away unexpectedly, just when Damselfly was publishing his second novel, So I think it was that I came away a little from Damselfly because it reminded me too much of him. I concentrated more on my blog and focused on a new flow of my own short stories.

It turns out that these stories have come to fruition with – most recently – my collection SIBLINGS – seven stories which were broadcast on Bishop FM during Christmas week and will be published this year on Damselfly.

(You can listen again to these stories at https// . OR here on Damselfly by clicking on the Bishop FM title on here my homepage page.)

So now I am returning to this special place, feeling Hugh at my shoulder urging me to return to into my Damselfly project and get back into the kind of Creative Adventure that both Hugh and I relished.

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