Sharon Griffiths and Amity

Working with Sharon.

It’s so good  to work with  fellow professional –  journalist and novelist Sharon Griffiths,  in developing and publishing her  new novel.

We have spent the last few days putting final touches to the cover of  Sharon’s exciting new novel Amity and the Angel. It will be published by Damselfly Books early in July.

This is Sharon’s third published  novel, It is a marvelously perceptive venture into the exciting field of  future fiction – imagining life in a  future world which has been virtually destroyed after the destructive 21st Century Oil  Wars.

The heroine, teenager Amity, lives on a distant island which – in its own process of survival – has reverted to a restrictive religion-obsessed world. Amity  battles on with the restrictions, trying to assert her right to live a normal life.  Her  childhood sweetheart, who  had left the island, now returns strangely changed,  .One day on the beach  Amity  comes across a golden haired wounded figure whom she takes to be  an angel.

Final Cover for sharon

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